Exclusive Giveaway — Essential Albums 5 X Vinyl Record Pack

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Boundless Audio is proud to announce our Essential Albums giveaway, consisting of 5 records we think are must-haves for any collection. The pack includes the following records:

  • Parliament Funkadelic — Maggot Brain
    Maggot Brain is Funkadelic’s all-out masterpiece. No one working in soul and funk at the time had the scope, vision, and sheer lunacy to pull off the kind of record that George Clinton and his collaborators made here.
  • Miles Davis — Kind of Blue
    The warm sound of vinyl plays right into jazz’s hands. When you talk great jazz albums, you start with Kind of Blue — the best-selling jazz album of all time for good reason.
  • Marvin Gaye — What’s Going On
    The quintessential ’70s soul recording, it comes from a time when albums were mastered for vinyl by people who had mastered for vinyl their entire lives.
  • The Black Keys — Thickfreakness
    Recorded in a non-stop 14-hour session, Thickfreakness is the Akron duo stripped down to their fuzzy-licious, dirty blues core.
  • Led Zeppelin — II
    A twisted, swaggering beast of a record, that shaped their sound and hundreds of those that would come after them.

There’s plenty of lists out there telling you which records you absolutely must own, so we pulled together some of our favourites. The simple fact is, some music just sounds better on vinyl. Whether you’re a new collector or have deep crates already, we think these records deserve a home in any collection.

One winner will receive all 5 records. All copies are brand new/sealed. Prize includes worldwide shipping.

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