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About our brush

Any collector will tell you that preserving and maintaining your record collection and stylus is of extreme importance — regular cleaning leads to increased vinyl and stylus longevity. We set out to create the best quality and best-looking anti-static record cleaning brush possible.

High quality + Unique Design

Two rows of premium quality carbon fiber bristles effectively lift harmful dust and dirt from the vinyl surface, improving sound quality. Unlike similar brushes, our bristles never fall out. Looks-wise, the matte-finish anthracite color aluminum housing is purposely understated, and looks great alongside any hifi setup.

Truly Anti-static

The initial design for the anti-static record brush serves to remove static from the vinyl and release it from the aluminum handle, through a person's hand/body. Most colored brushes on the market are not electrically conductive at all (due to the paint layer on the aluminum), so they don’t actually have the ability to remove static. Our brush is truly electrically conductive and thus when used correctly, anti-static.

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About our Company

Our company was established in 2017, when we developed and first started selling our record brush. We have a strong commitment to producing quality record cleaning products, and stand behind everything we sell.

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