Here’s our most popular record care tips to ensure you always enjoy your vinyl records at their best.

Carbon Fiber Record Brush

  • Gently hold the brush so that the bristles only lightly touch the record surface (don't press down on the record).
  • Hold the brush by the aluminium body (as opposed to the plastic handle) to discharge static effectively.
  • Don't use cleaning fluid with this brush.
  • Start from the inside groove and work toward the outer edge of the record, sweeping the particles/dust off the record edge. Others recommend working from the outside in toward the centre, as seen in this demo. Both methods work to discharge static. 
  • Clean the brush by swiveling the bristles back and forth inside the handle. Don't touch the carbon fiber bristles with your fingers.

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Velvet Brush

  • Spray 2-3 pumps of cleaning solution onto one side of the brush pad, creating a damp edge. Don’t spray the cleaning solution directly onto the record (the velvet pad isn't as absorbent as our Record Cleaning Cloths).
  • Slowly tilt the brush back so the middle and back surface of the brush pad contact the record, and apply gentle pressure (try to let the velvet pad do the work).
  • You can manually assist the rotation of the turntable if necessary, as seen in this demo.
  • Can be used with or without cleaning solution, but using it without can generate static (our Carbon Fiber Record Brush can help).
  • Use the included nylon bristle brush to remove any dirt or dust from the pad surface.

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Stylus Cleaning Brush

  • Brush from the back of the stylus to the front in a straight line. Only touch the stylus tip gently, as seen in this demo.
  • Don't use cleaning fluid with this brush.
  • Clean the brush with compressed air or another soft brush (an old, soft-bristle toothbrush works well).

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Record Cleaning Solution

  • Spray 5-6 pumps of liquid directly onto the record surface, as seen in this demo.
  • Use a label protector if spraying directly onto the record surface.
  • For really dirty records, multiple cleanings may be needed (no rinsing required).
  • Air-dry for one minute before playing or storing cleaned records.

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Record Cleaning Cloths

  • Wipe clockwise around the record with gentle pressure, following the grooves, as seen in this demo.
  • Clean the cloths by rinsing in soft tap or distilled water. If they are extremely dirty, add a small amount of clothes washing liquid to a basin of water and gently hand wash. Squeeze the water out with another dry towel and allow to air-dry overnight.

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Outer Record Sleeves

  • Always top load your records to ensure they stay securely inside the sleeves, as seen in this demo.
  • Store your records vertically, not lying down.

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